Funda Mfundisi Reading Bursary Programme


This initiative by Funda Wande offers up to 20 bursaries for individuals that are interested in furthering their professional development by enrolling in a series of Short Courses offered by Rhodes University in Teaching Reading in the Foundation Phase.

Important: The following courses are fully aligned to the Modules of the Advanced Certificate in Foundation Phase Literacy teaching. If students pass a Short Course, and they qualify for entry to the Advanced Certificate, they will be credited with the aligned Module.

A maximum choice of 3 Modules per student to be delivered as short courses in 2020.

Deadline for submission: CLOSED!

How to apply:

a) Complete the Rhodes Short Course application form.
b) Complete the Funda Wande Reading Sector Bursary G Form.
c) Submit CV and Motivational letter.
d) Be available to start the course within one week of acceptance.
e) Bursaries are made and awarded exclusively by the Reading Sector Bursary Committee of Funda Wande.
f) The bursary covers the tuition fees only.

Submit your forms to

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