What is Funda Wande?


Funda Wande is a not-for-profit organisation that aims
to ensure that all learners in South Africa can read for
meaning in their home language by the age of 10.

We develop video and print materials to train teachers
how to teach reading for meaning in Grades R–3.
our materials are freely available and are Creative
Commons licensed, so anyone can use them.

Why is this course needed?


South Africa is virtually unique among upper-middle-income countries in that most of our children (78%) do not learn to read for meaning in the first three years of school. Without this core skill, they fall further and further behind as they are promoted into higher grades. It is widely acknowledged that if we do not address this reading crisis, South Africa will never reach its social or economic potential.

One of the main reasons behind this reading crisis is that our teachers have never been given meaningful learning opportunities to acquire this specialized knowledge, neither in their initial teacher training nor in subsequent in-service training.

They often do not know what the various components of reading are (phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency and motivation) or how these fit together into a cohesive whole. Many teachers are also confused about how to implement different reading methodologies like group-guided reading or shared reading. Currently teachers focus on communalized activities like chorusing and offer very little differentiation or individualized instruction or assessment. There is also little formal teaching of vocabulary, spelling, writing or phonics and almost no understanding of how to develop the most important skill in reading: comprehension.


Goal #1


All South African children can read for meaning by the end of grade 3

Goal #2


All Grade R-3 teachers are well-equipped to teach children how to read by 2023


The Funda Wande Course is proudly funded by: